PterygiumA pterygium is a fleshy overgrowth of the conjunctiva, which is the thin clear membrane on the surface of the eye.

In most cases, a pterygium grows from the inner (nearest the nose) corner of the eye. It may sometimes grow from the outer corner or on both sides of the eye at the same time. One or both eyes may be affected.

If untreated, a pterygium may grow across the cornea (the transparent ‘window’ that covers the pupil and iris) affecting vision and becoming more obvious. In this situation, surgical treatment may be required. Pterygium may grow back despite successful surgery.

•        Symptoms of a pterygium

 A pterygium is usually painless, though it can cause irritation to the eye at any stage. The tissue is often triangular, pink and fleshy. Fine blood vessels may be visible.

If symptoms do occur, they may include:

  • inflammation, including bloodshot whites of the eye on the side with the pterygium
  • itching and burning sensations on the eye surface
  • mild eye pain
  • problems with vision if the pterygium grows across the

•        Risk factors for a pterygium

 Pterygium is known to be associated with the following:

  • Sunlight exposure – pterygium is more common in populations near the equator and in people who spend a lot of time outdoors in hot Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is thought to be the cause.
  • Dusty or sandy environments – long-term exposure in dry and windy locations is thought to contribute to the development of the
  • Age – risk increases with

•        Prevention of a pterygium

 Protection of your eyes from the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is always important, and wearing UV-protecting sunglasses can protect from both the sun and dust.

•        Treatment for a pterygium

 Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Options may include:

  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation – if the pterygium is small, painless and not causing any vision problems, the optometrist may simply advise you to wear a hat and sunglasses when outdoors. Protecting the eye from ultraviolet radiation tends to stop the pterygium’s growth. Wraparound sunglasses are recommended. Unlike regular sunglasses, which only shield the eyes from the front, wraparound sunglasses also shield against ultraviolet light shining in from the sides of the face. The optometrist will check your pterygium every one to two years to make sure it is not increasing in
  • Drops or ointments – treatment for minor irritation may include eye drops or ointments to lubricate and soothe the cornea. For severe inflammation, an eye specialist may prescribe a short course of steroid eye drops. These medications only ease the symptoms and are not a
  • Surgery – is the only treatment that can remove a pterygium is The optometrist or doctor may refer you to an eye surgeon. It is preferable to remove the pterygium before it grows across the cornea. Otherwise, the pterygium may scar the cornea and cause permanent vision problems. You may also want to have the pterygium removed for cosmetic reasons.

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Alain Berlanga
Alain Berlanga
03:40 07 Jul 21
Cutest eyewear shop right in the middle... of Miami lakes strip. Excellent service. Highly more
Doris Soltis
Doris Soltis
18:51 26 Oct 20
I ❤️ Dr. entire family... has been seeing her for over 10 years! I wouldn’t trust my 👀 with anyone else! Not to mention how beautiful her office is... so many gorgeous frames and sunglasses to choose from...and for those of us with a sweet tooth...there’s a wide variety of candy to try! The entire staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I just adore you guys🔥🔥🔥I’d follow you anywhere!🥰read more
Susana Landin
Susana Landin
17:27 25 Oct 20
This was my fist time with Dr Giannie... and it was an amazing one . My son was recomended by his pediatrician to go see the eye doctor and we came here . We had an appointment and we didn’t have to wait long . They where very professional and nice to my son and i . The doctor was very good at explaining everything and recommending different things for my son’s eye care . The process of getting the glasses was also fast and she was amazing at recommending the type of glasses my son needs in order for them to last longer. Overall it was a great experience and i will definitely be back for him and in the future for myself. Thank you more
Michelle Reamer
Michelle Reamer
20:50 04 Aug 20
Not only is Giannie a fantastic... optometrist but her place is so adorably awesome! Eye Candy has a wide variety of glasses to choose from and delicious treats. I went for an exam with my 3 month old and it was a peace of cake. Great to support small businesses and fun when it comes with candy perks! 🧡read more
Jackie Mesa .
Jackie Mesa .
23:25 25 May 20
I absolutely love coming here!! All the... staff is incredible and super friendly. They genuinely care about all their patients and want the best for them. And who doesn’t love getting candy after a visit to your eye doctor?!?read more
Daylenis A
Daylenis A
14:13 27 Mar 20
Avoid the disappointment. I now have a... pair of glasses that I paid for and cannot wear, they will not even give me a partial credit on them. I took them back to get fixed once and they got them wrong again, they want me to keep coming back and wasting my time. Even if this was "a lab issue", they need to stand behind their products and vendors and make things right. Mind you, this is not my only time at the practice, I have been loyal to this doctor since she worked at Macy's optical. Also, once you bring a problem to their attention, all they do is deny it so I am sure they will try to deny what I'm saying. I started being disappointed with this place because I liked to go see the doctor that owns the practice, but they kept making appointments with her and then calling me to say she wouldn't be in, this happened 3 times and another time they allowed me to come in and sit there and wait, until I realized the doctor was not in. I ended up coming back another day and seeing their other "highly recommended" doctor, she was disappointing. They couldn't even give me my prescription that day and said they would fax it but the new doctor was very good at telling me how I should buy the contacts through them. They kept faxing over the incorrect prescription and I had to get 1800-contacts to call them and get the right one. Don't waste your time and more
Michelle L A C
Michelle L A C
16:51 02 Feb 20
Dr. Castellanos is a great doctor. She... is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients. The staff is helpful! I loved my new pair of glasses!read more
Stephanie Diaz
Stephanie Diaz
13:22 30 Jan 20
The most beautiful selection of glasses... at amazing prices. Everyone that works in the store is so helpful! Their chocolate selection is incredible! Perfect for gifts. Dr. Giannie Castellanos gives the best eye exam I have ever had. Very detailed and takes her time. Highly recommend!read more
GlueGo Co
GlueGo Co
23:29 17 Apr 19
Eye Candy indeed! Eye wear with a sweet... twist! Get the glasses and some awesome candy with it. Great customer service and quality. Thanks will come again!read more
Genny Castellanos
Genny Castellanos
23:30 15 Jan 19
Love this one of a kind eye glass and... candy store. The colors are vibrant. The staff is friendly and they have tons of options for glasses. You can see an eye doctor while you are there too. Very fun more
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